Contractors: CPR & First Aid Classes Count Toward Your Continued Ed Requirements

by Kelli Cline on March 26, 2012

According to the Oregon Construction Contractors Board:

“Contractors with a residential endorsement must meet the Residential Continuing Education (RCE) requirements when renewing their CCB license (every 2 years). Continuing education is an ongoing requirement.”

As you are probably aware, Oregon is requiring contractors to complete 16 hours of residential continuing education during every 2 year license period. Depending on what type of contractor you are, the hours are broken down into “Core” and “Elective” courses.

Other types of contractors are also required to complete continued education, but the courses and hour requirements vary.

CPR, AED & First Aid courses are approved to count towards your “Elective” hours. The hours of the owner and employees all count as a group towards the businesses required hours.

What this means is, you can take care of all your required elective hours by simply having you and your employees take a CPR & First Aid class.

We’ve been helping many contractors complete required hours fast, and we are now offering discounted class rates:

Getting you and your employees trained for CPR & First Aid is fast, easy and completes your elective hours.

We can set up one custom class to meet your schedule & have it completed in just a few hours. Or, you can attend an upcoming class.

This training quickly & easily completes your required RCE elective hours (at low cost) plus your job site and those on it will be safer.

Call me at 541-910-9400 to get details or to schedule a custom class!

It’s really that simple… you can also view upcoming classes here.

If you need more information on the continued education requirements, here are links:

Residential Continuing Education (RCE)

Commercial Continuing Education (CCE)

Let me know if we can help…


Kelli Cline

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