Save a life through AED training

by Kelli Cline on March 3, 2015

How would you like to save a life?

This short video just goes to show the importance of AED training:

While in Biology class 17 year old Abbiskek Chintapalli suffered a life threatening situation. He collapsed onto the floor and his heart began beating too quickly to bring blood to the rest of his body. Everyone was panicking and his teacher thought he was having a seizure.

Luckily for him an AED was run into the classroom by a custodian, and using their AED training, the nurses were able to save his life.

But just imagine what this guys fate would have been had no one known how to use an AED?

Or better still, imagine you were there and you did know how to use an AED?

You alone could be the one to save this guys life!

And do you want to know something scary?

Not all schools in the United states have AED’s, and if Abbiskek had of been in one of those schools, he probably would have died.

This is something that must be changed. It should be mandatory to place AED’s in schools all around the country.

It only needs to save one life to make it all worthwhile.

So for those who have previously taken my courses I hope this emphasizes the importance of knowing how to use an AED. I hope you now know that your AED training can indeed save lives.

And for those who haven’t taken my classes then what are you waiting for? A human life is too precious to waste.

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