12 Year Old Saves Brother with Heimlich Maneuver

by Kelli Cline on March 31, 2014

It’s videos like this that melt the heart.

Choking from hard food items, balloons and other foreign objects is the number one cause of death for children.

But using a simple technique commonly called the Heimlich Maneuver, now referred to as “abdominal thrusts”, 12 year old Bryan was able to save his little brothers life when he began choking on – of all things – a piece of hard candy.

Please take the two minutes to watch this wonderful and true story!

The Heimlich Maneuver is effective, easy to learn, and saves 50,000 lives each year.

It feels good to save a child’s life, doesn’t it?  But how would you feel if a child in your vicinity started choking on something, and you had no idea what to do? All because you never learned this simple technique?

How would you live with yourself if this child died?

Choking can happen at any time, often when you least expect it.  But previous students of my certified CPR and First Aid classes are highly equipped to deal with this horrific situation.

So how about you? Would you be prepared if a child started choking in front of you? If not, why haven’t you taken one of my classes that will teach you this maneuver and other life saving techniques?

What is the life of a child worth to you?

And for previous students of my classes, are you spreading the word about this technique and how to learn it? are you letting your friends and family know? You could very well save a life!

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